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FUN FACT: The Originals TV Series was primarily filmed right here in Olde Town Conyers and NOT in New Orleans. Just minutes from Mystic Falls.

Take an immersive walking tour of a city that has doubled for many of your favorite TV series and feature films.

Choose your tour experience of exclusive locations, behind-the-scenes stories, and much more!


Spoiler Alert: You never know who you may see on your tour. A surprise celebrity cast member of The Originals may pop in when you least expect it!

Want a complete show-stopping experience? Reserve your onset dining experience at the Celtic Tavern ” AKA Gillespies Pub” before or after your tour where you can sit at the same table Klaus (actor Joseph Morgan) * Mikael did when the glass blew out!

Olde Town Conyers,  also known as Georgias French Quarter is just a short drive from Mystic Falls Virginia and was the location set for The Originals and Vampire Diaries. Classic hits such as In The Heat of The Night, Dukes Of Hazard also trace their origins to Conyers while other shows currently in regular production include Doom Patrol, Ozarks, and The Resident.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in for your tour.


The Originals Private Tour:

There will come an occasion when every single detail will matter. You want to create an unforgettable experience that is curated to your interests surrounding the rich filming history of Conyers. It will be then that you will want to book your private tour experience with Filmed In The South.

Is there a certain show you want us to focus on?

Or maybe  a character you want to be a centralized focus?

Is there a certain series you want to know every single detail about?

We all have a certain character couple that we “ship?’ We will bring you to as many of their special moment spots as we can so you can relive the iconic moments you can’t get enough of!

Perhaps there is an actor you need to know as many behind the scenes stories about as we can recall?

You tell us your likes, your dislikes, and everything in between and to prepare for your private tour experience we get to work behind the scenes to prepare for your special day to ensure your customized tour experience is as unique as you are! Consider this a one of a kind experience for your party of up to (6)!


The Originals Guided Tour:

“What are we going to see on your tour that we can’t see on our own?”

Sure, you can walk the streets on your own and sure, you may recognize a sign or a store front…

But, on our tours, we do not use a script for a reason! With our exclusive stories, experiences and tales you won’t hear anywhere else we can integrate all 3 shows by bringing you back into the scenes where you’ll remember how it felt when the cast was in character. Voices in your mind will be reciting the iconic lines you love as you visualize where they were standing as you look down at your feet realizing you’re in the exact… same….spot.

The feeling of when you watch a certain episode for the very first time. That is the difference.



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Painting Parties:

Whether you are a party of one, or a party of many, book a guided painting experience where you are coached by an artist, guided as you paint your canvas piece by piece and walk away with your own unique souvenir as a memory of your time in Georgia’s French Quarter to remember for years to come! We can’t wait to see what you create! Book Your Experience today!

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