Filmed In The South

Vampire Diaries Museum

Ready for an ORIGINAL experience you can’t get anywhere else?

A unique experience you can only get from Filmed In The South.

This is NOT a typical museum experience! This was created to give you a LOOK and FEEL of what it was like to be ON SET as we were present during the filming of all three shows and wanted to allow you to experience it too! The Filmed In The South Interactive Museum is a whole new way to experience your favorite TV series. Our Vampire Diaries Interactive Museum and content studio is full of actual on screen props from all 3 shows! 

What will you see inside of this experience you won’t find anywhere else?

All of our rooms have been meticulously designed, built, painted and decorated by actual crew members that worked on the shows! Some of the exciting props you will get to see and even touch if you want:

Elijah’s coffin and his infamous Paris piano, the famous Klaus “New Orleans Burning” painting, the piano and art pieces from the famous St James! We also have the animal heads from the cabin, the Mikaelson dinning table, Hope Mikaelson’s splatter painting and so much more! There are Easter eggs and other surprises as you walk down the hall closer to Elijah’s  “red door”.

Don’t forget to visit Gillespie’s Pub ( The Celtic Tavern ) or book one of our tours! Our tour guides were there during filming of the shows! This gives them the unique ability to help you step out onto the streets of Georgia’s French Quarter and explore The Originals, Vampire Diaries and Legacies filming locations like no one else can, all located right here in Olde Town Conyers!

Admission is $15 per person and our hours at Thursday-Monday 10AM-6PM


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